Cell Phone Policy

At West Pictou Consolidated each student has access to technology, which means the use of personal electronic devices is not included in classroom instruction.


Within our school, we also believe inappropriate cellphone use is becoming a significant barrier to student success in the classroom. As an educational institution, we believe it is our responsibility to help manage the amount of time students spend in front of their screens. Therefore, cellphone use is prohibited during instructional time, unless expressly directed by the teachers. Students are welcome to use their phones before and after class, on break, at lunch and after school. Cellphones do not need to accompany students to the bathroom or if a student needs to be in the halls during instructional time.


In support of this policy, we ask that parents/guardians try to limit their texts to students during instructional time. In the event of an emergency, parents are asked to contact the office.


During instructional time teachers will ask students to place their cellphones either in their lockers, their backpacks, or a designated area. Continued misuse of cellphones in class will result in the cellphone being removed and stored in a secure location. Should a student be on an in-school suspension, their cellphone will also be stored in a secure location and returned at the end of the day.